Noam Dayan

Noam Dayan

Noam Dayan was drawn to the Blues in his early teens, learned the styles of traditional acoustic Blues for a few years, and then went on a journey to Chicago, where you might say he did an apprenticeship in modern Chicago Blues. On returning to Israel almost a year later, he had acquired great skill as an electric guitar player, with a special sweet and sensitive touch that is very reminiscent of BB King’s playing. Noam performed throughout Israel, and recorded an eclectic Electric Blues album of his own songs, and also contributed to the recordings of local Blues and Rock artist Avner Strauss.

In recent years, Noam became fascinated by the Kamanche, and went off to Azerbaijan to learn and apprentice in the musical tradition that goes with the instrument.
The Kamanche is a bowed musical instrument also known as “The ancient Persian violin”. It is mostly found in various eastern musical traditions. After many years as a Blues musician, Noam discovered the beauty of the eastern music and went for a long musical journey in central Asia, the Caucasus and the far east. There he studied  the tradition of Kamanche playing.

Today Noam performs, cooperate in different projects and teaches both at the “Maqamat” eastern music academy in Israel and privately. Won a special prize in the 2018 international “Mugam” music competition in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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